Friday, July 20, 2012

Blast Out Friday!

Visit the fabulous Etsy Shops below:

Store: A Party Studio

ITEM: Bridal Shower Hershey Kiss Labels- Yellow and Grey- print your own

Personalized Hershey Kiss labels make a great party favor for your next bridal shower.

STORE: Beautiful Swag Store

ITEM: Ice Cream Cone Paperclip Bookmark

Get all the ice cream without a mess or calories.

STORE: My Little Bows

ITEM: Blue Rose Clippies Summer Hair Accessory

Cute blue rose clippies. A perfect summer hair accessory..

STORE: Adri's Adorables

ITEM: DC Comics - Batman - Snap Baby Bib - Baby Boy or Gender Neutral Bib - Black Antipill Fleece

Batman Bib - Baby Boy Snap Bib - Dark Knight Rises - In US theaters July 20th!

STORE: The Blue Lantern

ITEM: Under the Sea Treasure Chest Illustration

Great for a nursery or child's bedroom.

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